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Wedding Toasts I'll Never Give Book Tour

November 23, 2018
SOB SISTERS hosting Susan Orlean at BOOKS ARE MAGIC!
November 17, 2018
November 14, 2018
SOB SISTERS BAR NIGHT for the MIAMI BOOK FAIR. Co-hosting a reading of and about women reporters, in Little Havana! DJ to follow.
July 1, 2018
HOLLYWOOD, CA - Wedding Toasts I'll Never Give - West Coast Paperback Book Launch! With Carlene Bauer (Frances and Bernard). Free Champagne and Snacks!
June 5, 2018
BROOKLYN, NY - Wedding Toasts I'll Never Give - Paperback Book Launch! With Susannah Cahalan (Brain on Fire) and Neal Medlyn. Free Champagne and Snacks!
May 23, 2018
PORTLAND, ME - Wedding Toasts I'll Never Give Reading, in conversation with Mira Ptacin.

St. Marks is Dead Book Tour

June 28, 2018
NEW YORK, NY - St. Marks Is Dead - W.O.(e).R.D Woman of Experience Read Downtown. Hosted by Heather Litteer
April 14, 2017
NYC: Secrets of the East Village: Spring KGB Red Room literary salon with Tony Perrottet. Wine reception at 7.30 pm. Followed by cash bar, and live jazz from the Kait McKendrick duo. Free and open to the public! Bring friends!
February 16, 2017
St. Marks is Dead at the Tompkins Library
November 10, 2016
St. Marks Is Dead paperback launch and book party with Q&A and booze at Word Bookstore
June 30, 2016
​Summer Writers’ Conference at Rutgers
May 25, 2016
“How I Learned” Series at Union Hall in Brooklyn

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